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The Astrological Birth chart holds a wealth of information about our character. However the 3 factors below really stand out in terms of revealing the major drives and motivations that shape who we are.


The Rising Sign: 

The Rising Sign is like the front door to our whole character and  strongly colours our personality. It shows how we were born to view life and what we advertise about ourselves.

 The Sun Sign: 

The Sun Sign describes what truly motivates and stirs us.  So it’s about our sense of self. Usually we don’t start fully expressing our Sun Sign until we reach 29 -30 years of age.

 The Moon Sign: 

The Moon Sign reveals our instinctive reactions and responses to life.  It describes our emotional nature and needs. Expressing it feeds the soul.

Read what the Big 3 in the Birth Charts of our featured celebs reveal about them!



  Supermoon. Super sight! At 15:47 GMT today and for the first time in nearly a year, the Moon will look about 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal. This phenomenon happens because the Moon circuits the Earth in an elliptical or oval orbit. So sometimes it’s closer to Earth than at other times. When […]

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Harry and Meghan- A Compatible Couple?

‘The Stars were aligned’ enthused Harry about his first meeting with Meghan Markle. Absolutely they were. But are the stars aligned in their respective Astrological Birth Charts? Are Harry and Meghan a compatible couple? Well, there are several solid astrological connections between their Charts. Harry has the Earth Sign Capricorn Rising in his Chart. The […]

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Understanding Libra

This month we look at understanding Libra – the compromising, considerate and very charming Air Sign. When it comes to understanding Libra, just think about its astrological symbol  – The Scales. It says a lot about this Sign’s need for balance and their gift for weighing up all possible options. And it also explains why […]

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Understanding Virgo

  This month the wise, efficient and hard-working Earth Sign, Virgo. A little restless, a little prone to worry but always as busy as a bee. The need to be useful is in their DNA. Thrifty, waste-hating, germ-busting and organised. Very organised! And if anything symbolises the essence of this industrious, resourceful and practical Sign, […]

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What’s Your Moon Sign?

  The Moon is currently in adventurous, philosophical and forward-thinking Sagittarius. The Moon Sign is a massive part of your birth chart so it’s a massive part of you. It describes your emotional nature, instinctive reactions and what makes you feel content. Where was the the Moon when you were born? Buy your very own […]

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Understanding Leo

  This month the warm, flamboyant and creative Fire Sign, Leo. They’re sunny, dignified and shine in the spotlight. Leos need to stand out from the crowd and to feel a bit special. Give them praise, a compliment or an appreciative pat on the back and their hearts will soar. Generosity comes naturally and so […]

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Understanding Cancer

  This month the kind and caring Water Sign – Cancer. Compassionate, sensitive, nurturing and nostalgic. This sign is home-loving and more than anything needs to feel a connection to family and to the past. Give them something to cherish and to protect, and they’re happy. Sometimes feelings and moods can change like the tide, […]

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Understanding Gemini

  This month the clever, quick-witted Air Sign – Gemini. Sociable, Inquisitive, Easily Bored and Needs to be Heard. The element of Air in Astrology is said to equate to the mind, logic and cool reason. Also to mental connection and communication because air is the medium that allows the transmission of sound, from radio […]

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Understanding Taurus

  This month – Taurus. The Earthiest of all Earth Signs. Enduring, Stable, Steadfast and Strong They love to collect things because they love stuff. Real, touchable stuff. And they don’t like change, Permanence and predictability is what they’re after. And despite their zodiac symbol, they definitely don’t do bullshit! Straightforward is how they like […]

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Donald Trump and Melania

  As the world waits to see what the irrepressible, inflammatory 45th American President might want to unleash next, we turn the spotlight on Donald Trump plus wife Melania to see what their astrological birth charts reveal about them. Looking at Trump’s Astrological make up and at the man himself, it would seem he expresses most […]

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