Gemini and Mischievous Mercury

Gemini, along with Libra and Aquarius, is an Air Sign. Air Signs have to do with the mind- with thought processes, language and communication. And when it comes to these things, Gemini grabs gold!  

To help understand why this clever, versatile and quick-witted Sign is so talented and good with words, we need to take brief look at its planetary ruler – Mercury – and in particular his story as found in the wonderful collection of Roman and Greek myths. These ancient imaginary tales were created to explain everything from emotions to the environment and are bursting with wise symbolism that have their echo even now in epic blockbusters like Star Wars and Harry Potter. See what we mean here-


Back to Mercury and Gemini. In Roman myth, Mercury (or Hermes as he was known to the Greeks) was walking and talking within hours of his birth. Instantly restless, he immediately set off on his travels to find stuff that would satisfy his curiosity and occupy his super-smart mind. Shortly afterwards, he created a lyre out of a tortoiseshell. As well as being pretty nifty with his hands, he was mischievous too. And quite the little trickster! Finding a herd of cows belonging to his older brother Apollo, he stole them – by grabbing the animals by the tail and making them walk backwards, before hiding them. So when Apollo came looking for his missing herd, he couldn’t track them because their tracks lead the wrong way. Cunning but clever!  He was eventually found out- and forgiven. Not only forgiven but he got to keep the cattle too! Mercury, master of fast thinking and bright ideas, played his lyre to Apollo who was so taken with its beautiful sound, he gave up his herd in exchange for the lyre. Trading would become yet another of Mercury’s many gifts!  Nobody could get angry with him because he had the ability to talk himself out of trouble and could appease the gods by making them laugh. They could see this loveable rouge had lots to offer, not least his quick intelligence and way with words. So Zeus gave him winged sandals and appointed him messenger to the gods. He could now fly as fast as the wind and was totally in his element gathering and passing around information to everybody. Mind and body occupied, he revelled in his role as news maker and breaker.

No coincidence then that Mercury has bestowed Gemini with those clever, versatile and quick-witted traits plus a big talent for communication.

All of you born between 22 May – 21 June – or who have Gemini prominent in your birth charts – give yourselves a pat on the back. You help make the world a more interesting, colourful and amusing place. And very much more connected. Thank you!

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