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Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

Happy Birthday Johnny Depp!

This Master Mimic, Multi-Talented Golden Globe winner is 56 today!

PS Johnny- here’s a bit of relationship advice as a small but wisdom-packed gift from us. We know your love life has suffered ructions in the past. We also know your Birth Chart. It shouts loud and clear that you need two vital things from any relationship. The first is someone who’s fun and firmly on your mental wavelength. A like mind who’s chatty, witty and a great communicator. And the second may surprise you because you also need someone mature, steady, reliable and conscientious. Someone grounded, practical and steeped in common sense.

Put both these relationship needs together and you basically get a person who’s young at heart but with a responsible head on their shoulders.  We say if you find someone with Gemini and Capricorn strong in their Birth Charts, you’ll be well on the way to hitting the jackpot!

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