It's not as complicated as it looks . . .

. . . here’s a little clarity for the curious!

An Astrological Birth Chart is simply a mathematically accurate snapshot of the sky as it appeared at the time of someone’s birth from the place of their birth. It contains symbols for the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, the Sun, Moon and Planets and shows how they all connect with each other.

Look at the Chart as if it’s a clock face. The outer circumference is split into 12 equal segments which are the Zodiac Signs Aries through to Pisces. This circumference moves round once every 24 hours in an anti-clockwise direction. At the moment of someone’s birth, one of these Signs rises over the eastern horizon of their place of birth. It’s called the Ascendant or Rising Sign. The Rising Sign is like the front door to our entire nature and reveals our basic view of the world and attitude to life. It provides a major insight into our overall character.

The Planets (plus the Sun and Moon) each represent a specific impulse or drive that’s within us all while the 12 Zodiac Signs show the different ways these impulses are expressed. For example, the Sun represents our sense of self so the Sign it’s in at birth reveals what consciously motivates and stirs us. The Moon represents our emotional nature, gut instincts and feelings and what’s needed to feel truly comfortable with ourselves. The Sign that Venus is in describes how we seek to make ourselves and others happy. It also shows how we relate to others and the qualities we’re attracted to.

So, just as there are layers of personality, so there are several layers in an Astrological Birth Chart. Sometimes there will be several Planets in one Sign showing that the characteristics of that Sign will be very dominant within someone’s nature. Often contradictory traits will be revealed which is no surprise. The human character is multi-faceted and not all traits sit in harmony with each other!

The Astrological Birth Chart holds a wealth of insightful information into an individual’s unique nature but generally, certain chart factors stand out. It’s these factors we highlight in our Personality Horoscopes.

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