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Archie and Astrology

‘He has the sweetest temperament. He’s really calm’

So declared new mum Meghan about new-born Archie.

And with both his Rising Sign and the Sun Sign in placid, peaceful Taurus, she won’t be wrong about that. This Earth Sign is warm, easy-going and sincere. Archie will be a natural, genuine soul who’ll value stability and a simple, uncomplicated life. It’s a blessing he’s been born to parents who’ll be trying their utmost to give him just that!

A builder of stuff at heart, it’s not what gets started that counts, it’s what gets finished and it’s the real world where he’ll flourish. Taurus is patient, persevering and practical. And very, very determined. There’s absolutely no doubt that Meghan will be adding ‘stubborn’ to Archie’s list of characteristics!

But while these Taurean traits colour his whole nature, of course there’s more to him than just that. His Moon for example is in restless, inquisitive Gemini. And Mars is there too. Gemini is clever, quick-witted and easily distracted. So this little boy although down-to-earth, dependable and focussed will always have ants in his pants! Having lots of variety in his life and being busy- especially mentally – will matter hugely to his emotional well-being. So will communication and in particular the need to be valued for his words and opinions. He will most definitely need to be heard. A sociable, chatty soul, Archie will be at his most content when he’s around people trading talk. And playing the comic! A born entertainer, he’ll delight everyone with his sense of fun, mischief and clever banter.

We’ll look at his astrological birth chart in more detail soon but for now- Welcome to the world little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

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