The Taurus Personality

21 April – 21 May

At heart you are practical, patient and persevering. Feet firmly planted in the ground and your head never in the clouds, it’s reality that rules your world. Not one to make a drama out of a crisis, nobody does ‘keep calm and carry on’ better than you. Your deepest motivation is to build financial and material security but you’re not frugal. You enjoy spending money, especially on stuff that lasts and has quality. So deep down you’re a bit of a collector and you identify strongly with what you own. This makes you possessive about your possessions!  You’re a sensual soul too because you love anything that pleases the senses from beautiful music to aromatic massages to great food. Especially great food! In fact your life would be a desert without a bit of luxury and indulgence!  Down-to-earth and goal-oriented, you shine at anything that needs good sense, persistence and concrete achievement. You love stability; hate change. Often stubborn but never complicated, others are drawn to your warmth, dependability and sincerity.

A Royal Trio of Taureans!