The Leo Personality

Leos are big personalities with big hearts. Ruled by the Sun, it’s no wonder they want to shine and feel at home in the spotlight. Or that they’re prone to showing off from time to time! But to really understand this Sign, you have to realise that they’re all about needing to feel a strong sense of their own identity. And to achieve that, they must stand apart from everyone else. Because how can you be noticed if you’re just one of a crowd? You can’t. So for Leo it’s all about being theatrical, self-expressive and flamboyant.  It’s about making an impact and winning recognition and applause. No surprise then that many actors are Leos or have Leo prominent in their charts.

The Astrological symbol for Leo is The Lion. It’s regal, it’s proud and it’s the boss. Leos were born to be top of the heap and king of the road. It’s why they’re great at taking charge and make inspiring leaders. With pride though, comes stubbornness and Leos do stubborn brilliantly! But there’s no denying their amazing creativity, generosity and optimism. And how can we not admire such mega watt sunniness and joi de vivre, because no Astrological Sign shines as brightly or as warmly as Leo! 

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