The Cancerian Personality

This Water Sign is ruled by the Moon and just as the Moon’s appearance constantly changes, so do Cancer’s fluctuating moods.  At heart they’re sensitive and highly responsive to whatever vibe goes on around them. They are emotional sponges in fact and the need to connect on a feeling level is what powers and motivates them. Belonging brings security: separation brings fear. And this need to belong and to have a sense of roots is why home and family are so treasured. The past is treasured too because it’s here that roots are most deeply embedded. Cancerians are sentimental, nostalgic souls and memories are a comfort blanket.

Caring comes naturally to this kind and compassionate Sign. It’s why they’re so good at nurturing and protecting and so drawn to whatever is vulnerable and needy. But although they’re soft-centred, there’s a steely tenacity about them too. Just think of this sign’ s symbol – the crab – and those pincers!  It’s no wonder then that their fierce loyalty combined with heart-felt hospitality and the ability to get on anyone’s wavelength means Cancerians have a great gift for making people feel truly comfortable, cared about and understood.