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Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

What does Paul McCartney’s astrological birth chart tell us about the man behind this iconic melody maker?

He’s a Gemini for starters which means he’s clever, versatile and opinionated. A talkative wordsmith, he revels in sharing his views and in knowing the news. If you ever catch him on his phone, you can bet he’s searching for the latest bulletins – again!  Mercury – planetary Ruler of Gemini – is in Gemini too which means all those traits are well and truly underlined in his nature.

Paul’s Rising Sign is Virgo, another smart Sign. This one’s practical though and very efficient. Mostly it’s analytical and discriminating- a sorter and sifter of stuff. A lover of detail and order, there’s a big need to be planned, organised, resourceful and thrifty. He’ll hate waste of any kind and idleness will be met with equal contempt. He’s come into the world with the drive to be useful, competent and busy. And with the need to be the best he can be at whatever he does.    

Love Me Do

The desire to be the best- top dog actually- is further accentuated by his Moon Sign, Leo. This Fire Sign is a natural leader and craves winning. It needs to stand out and stand proud. Only centre podium will satisfy what is a deep-rooted need for attention, applause and love. Leos need love like lungs need oxygen. But they’re great at spreading it around too. Paul will have a generous heart and he’ll also be a natural at that other wonderful Leo trait- creativity.  Don’t we know it!  With the Moon here, creativity is in his DNA and he’ll never be more soul content than when he’s expressing this creativity through his songs and lyrics – treasured gifts to the world.

So, Happy Birthday to this inquisitive, playful and restless man of music. A creative genius and eternal child with a quicksilver mind, heaps of common sense plus a very big heart.