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Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel was born in New York on the 19th June 1964 at 2pm

What does his Birth Chart tell us about the Personality behind our new Prime Minister? Here we’ll look at the three most insightful parts of his Birth Chart- The Rising Sign; The Sun Sign and the Moon Sign.

Let’s start with the Rising Sign.

The Rising Sign in everyone’s Birth Chart is even more revealing of personality than the Sun Sign. Its traits underpin who we are and how we were born to see the world. It’s our persona – the face we show to others and only our birth time can uncover what it is.

Boris has the charming Sign of Libra Rising. This means he can be smoother than the finest silk and can turn on charisma faster than the speed of light! And it’s because, deep down, he wants to be liked. Boris came into the world with a silver tongue to match the silver spoon! He was born to enamour, to appeal and to engage. Particularly to engage. Everyone with Libra Rising wants to appeal to others because engaging and relating is what they’re all about. They’re also all about pouring oil over troubled waters. Conflict can genuinely disturb Boris so he has a gift for diplomacy and compromise. Which is another way of saying he prefers to charm his way out of trouble rather than face it head-on!

Libra is about balance too. Big time. Everything is relative therefore nothing is black or white. Which means decisions can mess with the mind! That’s probably why blunt, but allegedly brilliant, political strategist Dominic Cummings has been brought in as Boris’s right hand man . . . .

His Sun is in restless, mercurial Gemini. Prone to a bit of nervous tension and lack of focus, boredom looms large without lots of variety and plenty of short-lived enthusiasms. Full of curiosity, trickster frivolity and child-like excitement, he’s something of an eternal youth. And an eternal student. A big part of what motivates him is a need to learn. Feeding his mind with information and knowledge is as vital as feeding his body with food. And it’s the same with his need to communicate. Talking comes as naturally as breathing to Boris. Often the words free-fall from brain to tongue. Eternally springing thoughts and ideas, like those of a child are spoken outright. Keeping them back to analyse or prepare prior to announcement is virtually impossible. At a party, the Gemini personality shines with their quick wit and amusing story-telling. But as leader of the Tory Party, our advice would be to stick to wise and trusted speech-writers, Boris!  The other thing about all Geminis is they really identify with their opinions and desperately need to be heard. Boris will never be a happy bunny if others don’t listen to his ideas. They don’t have to agree with them, just hear them out. Don’t ignore them!

The Moon in Boris’s Birth Chart is in uncompromising Scorpio. Interesting! The Moon Sign has to do with our deeply ingrained emotional nature and instinctive responses. Its roots lie in the sort of emotional ambience into which we were born and which we soaked up unconsciously. The Moon also represents Mother and it’s her nature and life stage mood at the time of birth that as babies we absorb.

 So, along with his charming, considerate Libran impulses and his open, chatty Gemini traits, there’s steely strength and single-minded determination. Moon in Scorpio can be unbending and unforgiving when forced to be. Trust is vital and they don’t find it easy to take things at face value. Or to be truly open with their feelings. Boris has an instinctively private, slightly paranoid side where fears and suspicions secretly breed. To keep them at bay and prevent them from threatening the balance and equilibrium so needed in his life, he’ll be capable of swift and ruthless action. The need to feel in control dominates his emotional nature. As, doubtless, it did for his Mother.

There you have it. Boris Johnson – the Man behind the Prime Minister.

Child-like charmer with a viper’s sting.

Whether we have a court jester in charge or a smiling assassin hell-bent on making Britain Great Again remains to be seen.  Let’s hope for all our sakes, it’s the latter!