Uranus in Taurus – Momentous Changes

Uranus in Taurus - Momentous Changes


Uranus in Taurus - Momentous ChangesOn May 15th this year, something pretty momentous happened.

Uranus moved into Taurus.

It’s 84 years since Uranus last visited Taurus and like last time, it will stay for 8 years, leaving on April 26th 2026.

Uranus is an outer Planet so its influence will be felt globally as well as personally. And on a global level, Taurus represents the earth plus anything that considers itself to be rock solid.

It also has a big connection to finance and the banking system because Taurus is all about building security of the material kind. It’s about acquiring money, possessions and ‘stuff’. Then holding onto it for dear life.  Ownership matters big time.  So does having a secure, safe and unchanging foundation in life. Same with the future. Taurus doesn’t do change. As for unpredictability and uncertainty – God forbid!

But change is vital to life. Without change nothing evolves.

And if we hold on too tightly to stuff, we can squeeze the life out of it.

What to expect from this Transit of Uranus into Taurus?

Well, Uranus is a Planet that does change like no other. It’s a bit of a rebel. And it electrifies and awakens whatever it touches usually doing this suddenly and unexpectedly.  So Uranus is set to shock, shake and ultimately show a new way of doing things in areas that have been resistant to change.

On a global level it may be the financial institutions that feel the blast of Uranus’s lightning bolt. Could another financial crash be imminent? Maybe. If not, then a seismic shift in the way they work is certainly very likely.

Whatever, the reality, Uranus is on course to reform, enlighten and renew.

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