The Sagittarian Personality


At heart you are up-beat, cheerful and philosophical. An easy -going soul, you have an imaginative, broad-minded and expansive style and thrive on hope, opportunity and future possibilities. Like your symbol, the archer, you enjoy nothing more than shooting an arrow to see where it might land! It’s why you’re in your element when you’re travelling to off-beat destinations and learning about different cultures and customs. Or being in the great outdoors. Highly intelligent, your mind craves meaning, understanding and joy through new knowledge and experience. Your deepest motivation is to keep gathering that knowledge and to share it with others. You’re a teacher at your core and shine at giving advice – whether it’s asked for or not!  But you also shine at seeing the humour in everything so you’re great company with a gift for bringing sunshine and laughter to people’s lives. You love freedom; hate restriction. Often cavalier but never negative, others are drawn to your wisdom, honesty and exuberance.

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