Understanding Aquarius

Symbol for Aquarius

There’s something stand out and different at the heart of every Aquarian. This is their gift. They weren’t born to follow the crowd or fit the mould. They were born to break the mould and to see the world in fresh, new ways. Originality defines them.  They’re innovators, movers and shakers and without their reforming influence, things wouldn’t advance and improve. Stuff would stay static and stuck in boring ruts. So every Aquarian needs to have something in their life that lets them be unconventional and progressive. And lets them find a worthy cause to follow. Causes, charities and good deeds stir the Aquarian soul because they are true humanitarians. They genuinely care about the welfare of their fellow man and woman and believe strongly in fostering friendship, camaraderie and a sense of oneness with all regardless of creed or colour.

Full of integrity, Aquarians are decent, principled people with unshakeable values. Add their striking originality and vision and you’ve got rather special individuals who’ll always strive to make the world a fairer and better place.

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