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Are Meghan and Harry Compatible?

Harry and Meghan

‘The Stars were aligned’ enthused Harry about his first meeting with Meghan Markle.

Absolutely they were.

But are the stars aligned in their respective Astrological Birth Charts? Are Harry and Meghan a compatible couple?

Well, there are several solid astrological connections between their Charts. Harry has the Earth Sign Capricorn Rising in his Chart. The Rising Sign describes our persona- what we advertise about ourselves. It says something about how we see and react to life so it underpins and colours our entire personality.

Capricorn is all about duty, responsibility and self-discipline. Self-control too. It’s steady, dependable and hard-working. Basically, it totally epitomises the stiff upper lip approach to life. Difficulties are internalised. Obstacles are endured. Life must go on regardless. Capricorn is stoic and very realistic.

Opposite the Rising Sign in a Birth Chart sits the Sign on the Descendant. This Sign represents what we’re unavoidably attracted to in others. That’s because together, The Rising and Descending Signs are like two sides of the same coin. In Harry’s Chart, the Descending Sign is Cancer meaning he’ll be very attracted to people who display all the qualities of this kind, nurturing and emotional Water Sign. It was his mother’s Sun Sign. And guess what –  Meghan’s Rising Sign is Cancer! It’s a massive and important fit in their relationship jigsaw. She’ll help draw out Harry’s somewhat repressed emotional nature and he’ll provide the stability, strength and stature, qualities that Meghan finds so attractive with having Capricorn on her Descendant.

Here are one or two more fits, maybe not as major but good just the same–

Harry’s Sun is in Virgo meaning at heart he’s hard-working, practical and relishes routine and ritual. He also has a big need to be doing something useful and productive with his life. Being idle makes him restless and edgy. Guilty too. A life without work would be a depressing prospect. Meghan has her Venus in Virgo so it’s ditto to all of that for her as well.

Harry’s Venus is in Libra. Venus equals pleasure – the heart’s desire. It’s also the relationship planet. The Sign it’s in speaks volumes about how we behave in a relationship and reveals what we find appealing in a partner. With his Venus in Libra, Harry is a considerate, thoughtful and romantic mate. Quick to compromise to avoid confrontation, being one of two brings him genuine happiness. As for the traits he’ll appreciate in others? Well, Libra majors in charm, style and elegance. An excellent mediator, it’s diplomatic, decent and dislikes inequality. A lot. Nobody champions the underdog quite like a Libran.

Lucky Harry -Meghan has her Moon in Libra so these characteristics are not just in her nature, they’re in her DNA!

There’s more. Meghan describes herself as a foodie. With the caring, nurturing and maternal Sign of Cancer Rising in her Chart, this is no surprise. She’ll use cooking and eating together as a kind of emotional glue. The way to someone’s heart being through their stomach, etc. And with the Prince’s Moon in food-loving Taurus, he’ll relish this attention to his stomach. Don’t give up the gym, Harry!

So much for the compatible bits. How about the potential trouble spots?

We see a few for this couple. . .

Firstly, despite Harry’s romantic nature and his propensity to be a bit in love with love, he’s something of a free spirit too. There’s a marked Sagittarian element to his nature so he wants his freedom, fun and adventure. He’ll need a long rope- but will the emotionally needy Meghan be prepared to provide it?

Then there’s Meghan’s Mars which sits defiantly in the relationship part of Harry’s Chart. Mars is all about assertiveness and drive. But it can be fierce and feisty too. And not averse to a good row! Might Harry meet with increasing episodes of competitive, confrontational behaviour from an otherwise poised and polished Miss Markle? Might they come to lock horns when they’re not locking hearts? This will be really hard, if not impossible, for both of them to deal with. Especially Meghan. She’s a tactful negotiator and peace-maker.  Pouring oil over troubled waters is a genuine and instinctive talent. Confrontation unsettles her big time. And yet, this placement of Mars suggests there’ll be something about the relationship that generates conflict, despite their best efforts to avoid it.

Also, might Meghan be prone to mood swings? To blowing hot and cold? We think so. Her Moon in Libra is sandwiched between exuberant, joyful Jupiter and serious, defensive Saturn. In other words, she won’t be able to avoid experiencing all or nothing feelings – at times opening the flood gates to high, lavish emotion and at others slamming them shut, withdrawing and withholding her feelings. Tricky.

Finally, Meghan has her Sun and Mercury in sunny, spontaneous and self-expressive Leo. Happiness, generosity and joy fuel much of Meghan’s nature and she’ll love to spread it around through her actions and words. She has a huge capacity for loving and giving. And for being stubborn! Her deepest motivation though is to win recognition for who she is. There’s a bit of an identity crisis going on within every Leo. Who am I? Am I worthy? Do people notice me? So, Meghan has a natural drive to stand out from the crowd. Given the spotlight, she comes alive. Personal fulfilment will always stem from her ability to make a memorable impact using the power of her own presence and personality. And her natural talent to take charge and to lead. In many ways, life to Meghan is like an epic production. It may have a cast of thousands, but she’ll always strive to be producer, director – and of course the star! Harry, who’s naturally more reticent and reserved, will doubtless be dazzled and delighted by her radiance, confidence and joi de vivre.

But . . . could he begin to feel a little cold in the shadow of his mega-watt Meghan and tire of being the wind beneath her high-flying wings?

Hopefully not. But for now, there’s no question it’s a right royal love job.

And we hope it stays that way as they strive to carve out more meaningful and useful lives away from a figurehead existence within the royal family.