The Aquarian Personality


At heart you are independent, moral and honest. Pretty stubborn too where your beliefs are concerned! An unconventional soul, you have an individual, innovative and quirky style. Because of this, sometimes you feel different to other people or on the outside looking in. Bravo! Never forget to celebrate that difference! You are a breath of fresh air, brilliant at thinking outside the boring box and definitely not one to follow the crowd!  But you were born with strong humanitarian values and you genuinely care about the welfare of your fellow man and woman. Bigotry and unfairness bother you big time and you believe strongly in fostering friendship, camaraderie and a sense of oneness with all. Your striking originality means you shine at anything that needs enlightened, progressive thinking and clever social networking. You love to surprise; hate to conform. Often rebellious but never unprincipled, others are drawn to your uniqueness, integrity and vision.