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Understanding Scorpio

Joachim Phoenix as The Joker

The Scorpio personality tends to get a bad press, often described as deep, dark and a little bit dangerous. A Svengali type- irresistible, persuasive and charismatic. True? Well it’s certainly true that Scorpio is not a simple, straightforward Sign and its natives are generally not fulfilled leading simple, straightforward lives. But my goodness, the world benefits big-time from their powerful qualities.  So, let’s dip beneath the surface of this enigmatic Sign to understand what it’s really all about. . .

At heart, Scorpio people are deep-feeling, intense and passionate. They see things as black or white, meaning there’s usually no middle ground. And no wavering. They either like something, or they don’t! They’re also wary, watchful and street-wise. They’ve come into the world suspecting that appearances can be deceptive. So, they’re automatically guarded with new people or situations until they feel they’ve secretly and successfully sussed them out! Truth and trust matter massively to Scorpio people and they’ll remain closed books until they feel the trust is there. Break that trust if you dare!  They do not forgive and forget. Never, ever. It all stems from their deep-seated need to feel safe and in control.  Especially in control. Capable of unflinching loyalty and devotion after they’ve won that all-important trust, they nonetheless continually strive to be one step ahead of the game. It isn’t hard. Scorpios are skilled at finding strategies which give them the higher ground!  

They’re also skilled at coping in a crisis. In fact, they’re in their element when there’s a crisis to overcome.  Dark and difficult doesn’t daunt them and it’s excitement, drama and adrenaline that makes them feel truly alive. Not surprisingly then, there’s no contentment to be found living an ordinary, humdrum existence – unless it’s balanced with something that’s edgy and intense too. Even a little bit life or death.  Scorpios need powerful emotional experiences and to be involved in situations where they can help transform and renew the lives of others. And themselves in the process. Surgeons, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, psychologists- they’re all examples of the sort of admirable and potentially life-saving work Scorpios might gravitate to. Where would we be without them?

This fearless Sign has huge reserves of inner strength and willpower. Plus an extremely developed survival instinct. And it’s this survival instinct that explains Scorpio’s renowned sexuality because on an unconscious level, sex represents victory over death. A bit deep? Well, yes, but then we’re talking about the deepest Astrological Sign of them all!  One that has the Phoenix as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. And nobody can rise from the proverbial ashes quite like a Scorpio!  If you happen to share your world with one of these devoted, passionate and charismatic souls, then you’re extremely blessed.

It’s no joke! Smouldering, Sexy Scorpio Joaquin Phoenix’s real surname is Bottom!