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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Rising Sign is Gemini

Inquisitive and Restless

Lady Gaga’s Rising Sign is Gemini which is an Air Sign. So it’s about the head – logic and reason. But it’s chatty, clever and quick-witted too.  Gemini is all about communication and a love of learning. So there’s a kind of student mentality underpinning Lady Gaga’s whole personality. And a child-like curiosity about life. Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury. In Roman mythology he was the messenger of the Gods who was always flying around trading in words and deals. Gemini loves words and communication is as vital as oxygen. So is banter. Humour and wit colour this lady’s nature along with a basic need to have her opinions heard. Not just heard but ideally acted on too!

There’s a restlessness about this Sign which makes focus hard and boredom easy. Multi-tasking, variety and short-lived enthusiasms will always fit best.

Sun in Aries

Impulsive and Enthusiastic

With the Sun in Fire Sign Aries, Lady Gaga will never be backwards at going forwards! She has bucketloads of energy, drive and optimism plus an independent spirit. Going it alone doesn’t faze her because she’s brave, bold and feisty, especially when there’s a challenge to overcome. In fact, her deepest motivation and the thing that fulfils her most on a personal level is when she can use her initiative and assertiveness to make stuff happen. Quickly. Patience sits uncomfortably with her. This is due partly to her decisiveness. She understands things instantly and intuitively – grasps the whole picture and the relevant heart of the matter. And partly it’s the desire for fast results. To her mind, she who hesitates is not only lost but pretty stupid as well! So she has a gift for getting things done in an unsupported, undaunted and unfussy way.

Yet these Gemini and Aries traits are in very stark contrast to her emotional nature signified by her Moon Sign . . .

Moon in Scorpio

Private and Intense

The chatty, open and upbeat side of Lady Gaga will emerge only when she feels emotionally safe and secure. Her Moon in self-protective Scorpio will always see to that. Deep down and on a totally instinctive level, she’s very much a closed book. So there’s an intensely private side to her. And a vulnerability that can often grow into paranoia. Trust is vital. Control is everything. And there’s definitely a controlling, even manipulative aspect to her nature. But it’s there to shield and stave off perceived threats. She’s fiercely loyal once trust is earned but don’t ever cross her. She’ll find it impossible to forgive and forget. And in her darker moments, thoughts will turn to plotting revenge. . .

Brilliant in a crisis, she has the capacity to thrive in difficult and dramatic times. In fact, she probably welcomes regular dollops of drama in her life because it makes her feel vital and alive. With this Moon Sign, an ordinary, predictable life would never do.

But this talented, complex lady is no drama queen. She may play to crowds but audiences and applause are not her masters. She’ll always measure success by her own standards and will forever be master of her own life.