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Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel was born on July 17th 1954 at 6pm in Hamburg.

Facing challenging times ahead in keeping together the EU now that the UK has decided to leave the fold, what does her Astrological Chart say about this outwardly prim but very powerful woman . . . ?

With Sagittarius Rising, she’s broad-minded, intelligent and excellent at seeing the big picture. Not without a sense of comedy either. She was born seeing the world as a fun, exciting place and is quick to see the funny rather than the serious side of life. We may not get to see much of the amusing side of Angela but you can be absolutely certain she loves a good laugh and is full of mirth and merriment.

 Her Cancerian Sun means she’s big on family, the past and nourishing her roots. She also loves a bit of nesting and domesticity. It’s said she’s in her element when she’s making her renowned plum cake!  Kind and sympathetic, she feels most fulfilled on a personal level when she’s emotionally connected to something. Regardless of whether it’s a person or a project, she craves that bond and revels in having something to nurture.

An Aquarian Moon brings a sparkling intellect and a gift for innovation.  It also bestows a genuine concern for people’s welfare. Improving lives and abolishing inequality is a very real and totally instinctive drive. Unwaveringly honest and upright, she says what she means and means what she says. Not a traditionalist at heart, she has a need to push boundaries and challenge rules. In many ways she’s a rebel in need of a cause.

In a nutshell then, Europe’s leader is humourous, homely and honourable.