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Adele was born on May 5th 1988 in London.

Here’s her Personality in 3 Paragraphs . . .

Adele’s Rising Sign is Aquarius so she’s quirky, independent and highly charged. She needs to be one of the crowd but often feels different – as if on the outside looking in. Free – thinking and highly individual, she’s imbued with originality and is stirred by novelty and new ideas.  Principled with an obstinate sense of right and wrong, she won’t let you down, but she’ll always do things her own unique way.

A determined and persistent Taurus Sun adds to her stubbornness! Tireless in her pursuit of goals, she’ll stay on track, oblivious to distractions. Practical and down-to earth, a liking for steadiness and stability no doubt helps calm her more excitable Aquarius tendencies. Aquarius Rising people often feel they’ve been born with a stomach full of butterflies that seem hell-bent on staying!  For Adele, at least stable Taurus encourages them to fly in formation! Warm, sensual and a lover of everything that pleases those senses, she’ll certainly savour the good things in life, but it’s financial security she’ll crave most.

Adele’s Moon is in funny, philosophical Sagittarius. The girl’s got intelligence and humour deep in her DNA. Instinctively witty and wise, she’ll always enjoy feeding her enquiring mind to broaden her understanding of life. She’s likely to have an enthusiastic view on everything from politics to penguins. Normally upbeat and optimistic, escaping whatever may threaten to shackle her free spirit is vital. So whether it’s writing music, losing herself in mind-expanding reads or just being in and around nature, such escapes to freedom keep her happy and sane.