Unknown Birth Time

unknown time

If someone’s birth time is unknown, the Birth Chart Report will be processed for 12 Noon. This is common Astrological practice when the actual birth time isn’t available.  The result may or may not show the person’s true Rising Sign, because this Sign changes every 2 ½ hours in the course of a day. However, our Birth Chart Reports include a bit of information about the characteristics belonging to each of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac so the chances are one of them will resonate as being the right one.

The Moon Sign- hugely revealing in terms of a person’s inner nature and emotional needs- is virtually certain to be the correct one when a Report is done for 12 Noon. That’s because the Moon changes Sign approximately every 2 ½ days.  However, where the Chart shows the Moon Sign as being either right at the end or very beginning of a Sign, we give 2 interpretations – one for the Sign the Moon is in at 12 Noon and one for the adjacent Sign.  The Moon will definitely have been in one of these 2 Signs when the person was born and after each interpretation is read, no doubt will be left as to which Moon Sign is the true one! The interpretations given for the rest of the Planets are totally accurate and unaffected by an unknown birth time.

So, even if a birth time isn’t known, our Astrological Birth Chart Report still makes for an insightful and revealing read!




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