Youngster’s Personality Horoscope


  • Beautiful 14 page booklet including their birth chart
  • Encourages being true to self by revealing unique nature
  • Written in easy to understand way
  • Invaluable keepsake; Lifelong guide

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Helps Celebrate Uniqueness!

The Youngster’s Personality Horoscope helps a youngster to get to know their unique and special nature. And to celebrate it!  Speaking directly to the youngster, it’s written in a positive,  easy to understand style and offers valuable encouragement on the benefits of being true to themselves. Emotional needs, thinking style and talents are uncovered plus the sort of stuff likely to bring pleasure and contentment. An invaluable keepsake, it looks fantastic too! Just needs baby’s time, date and place of birth.

Hand-Bound and Beautifully Presented

The 14 page hand-bound Youngster’s Personality Horoscope makes a really unusual but very useful gift for all little adults. It costs £28 including free UK postage and will arrive beautifully presented within 3-5 working days.

Have it gorgeously gift-wrapped too !

Unknown Birth Time?

The Personality Horoscope will be processed for 12 Noon. This is common Astrological practice when the actual birth time isn’t available. Even when a birth time isn’t known, our Personality Horoscopes still reveal a lot!

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