Ancestor Astrological Report


  • 14-page personality profile
  • Who do you think they were?
  • What were they like?
  • Inherited their characteristics?

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Meet your Ancestors

Who Do You Think they Were?

When you look at and compare the Birth Charts of parents with those of their children, you view genetics at work because you see very clearly which characteristics have been inherited from which parent (or Grandparent) and to which child. For example, a parent’s Rising Sign may be the same as their child’s Sun Sign or the parent’s Sun Sign may be the same as the child’s Moon Sign and so on. Astrological stuff is passed on. Of that there is no doubt.

Order the Ancestor Astrological Birth Chart Report to discover a little about the character of an ancestor who has always interested or intrigued you.  Or indeed for any relative who passed on before you got the chance to get to know them.

What were they like?

Could you have inherited some of their characteristics?

Their Birth Chart Report will tell you in an instant!

If you can track down their time, date and place of birth, just fill in the details on the order form. We’ll be delighted to send it so you can meet your ancestor and become acquainted with who they were.

How wonderful would that be?


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