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Celeb montageCelebrities! What are they really like? Here we take a look at the Birth Charts of some to reveal the real Person behind the Personality!

The Astrological Birth chart holds a wealth of information about our character. However 3 factors stand out in terms of revealing the major drives and motivations that shape our individual nature. These are:

The Rising Sign: The Rising Sign is like the front door to our whole character and describes our basic attitude and approach to life. It strongly colours our personality and shows how we were born to see the world and so respond to it. It puts on display the characteristics we advertise about ourselves.

 The Sun Sign: The Sun Sign shows what truly motivates and stirs us. It reveals the traits we feel good about expressing because they bring fulfilment and confidence. So the Sun Sign is about our sense of self. However we don’t fully grow into that sense of ourselves or begin to truly express our Sun Sign motivations until we reach 29 -30 years of age.

 The Moon Sign: The Moon Sign reveals our instinctive reactions and responses to life- the ones we have without thinking about them. That’s because it describes the sort of vibes and ambience that would have been absorbed unconsciously from the home and family into which we were born. The Moon Sign also reveals a lot about our emotional nature and what we need in life to feel comfortable and at ease with ourselves.

Read what the Big 3 in the Celebrity Astrological Birth Charts of our featured famous names reveal about them and discover that you can never take the Person out of the Personality!


Mars in Libra

Mars marches into Libra this evening  – 22nd October (BST). Might your relationships get a much needed stir-up? Where is Mars in your chart?  

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Understanding Libra – Pictures That Paint A Thousand Astrological Words

This month we look at understanding Libra – the compromising, considerate and and very charming Air Sign. Balanced, peace-loving, stylish and loves to be in a relationship!   When it comes to understanding Libra, just think about its astrological symbol  – The Scales. It says a lot about this Sign’s need for balance and their […]

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Pictures That Paint A Thousand Astrological Words – Virgo

Pictures That Paint A Thousand Astrological Words This month the wise, efficient and hard-working Earth Sign, Virgo. Thrifty, waste-hating, germ-busting and organised. And if anything symbolises the essence of this industrious, resourceful and practical Sign, it would have to be these clever little creatures!

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Pictures That Paint a Thousand Astrological Words – Leo

Pictures that paint a thousand astrological words This month the flamboyant and creative Fire Sign, Leo Sunny, Dignified, Shines in the Spotlight, Stubborn and Likes to be The Boss.                     Leo’s symbol is the lion and nothing captures the essence of this rather majestic sign more […]

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Venus Dances into Gemini

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (1.11am Wednesday 5th July) Venus dances into adaptable Gemini. It’s a short but feel-good visit by the Planet of love, attraction and pleasure. Nonetheless, for the next 3 weeks Geminis everywhere are likely to feel more popular, more relaxed and in the mood for a bit of self-indulgence. […]

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The Sign of Gemini

Pictures that Paint a Thousand Astrological Words. This month the clever, quick-witted Air Sign – Gemini. Sociable, Inquisitive, Easily Bored and Needs to be Heard.               The element of Air in Astrology is said to equate to the mind, logic and cool reason. Also to mental connection and communication […]

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The Sign of Taurus

Pictures that paint a thousand astrological words This month – Taurus. The Earthiest of all Earth Signs. Enduring, Stable, Steadfast and Strong

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