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Celeb montageCelebrities! What are they really like? Here we take a look at the Birth Charts of some to reveal the real Person behind the Personality!

The Astrological Birth chart holds a wealth of information about our character. However 3 factors stand out in terms of revealing the major drives and motivations that shape our individual nature. These are:

The Rising Sign: The Rising Sign is like the front door to our whole character and describes our basic attitude and approach to life. It strongly colours our personality and shows how we were born to see the world and so respond to it. It puts on display the characteristics we advertise about ourselves.

 The Sun Sign: The Sun Sign shows what truly motivates and stirs us. It reveals the traits we feel good about expressing because they bring fulfilment and confidence. So the Sun Sign is about our sense of self. However we don’t fully grow into that sense of ourselves or begin to truly express our Sun Sign motivations until we reach 29 -30 years of age.

 The Moon Sign: The Moon Sign reveals our instinctive reactions and responses to life- the ones we have without thinking about them. That’s because it describes the sort of vibes and ambience that would have been absorbed unconsciously from the home and family into which we were born. The Moon Sign also reveals a lot about our emotional nature and what we need in life to feel comfortable and at ease with ourselves.

Read what the Big 3 in the Celebrity Astrological Birth Charts of our featured famous names reveal about them and discover that you can never take the Person out of the Personality!


The Aquarian Personality

At heart you are independent, moral and honest. Pretty stubborn too where your beliefs are concerned! An unconventional soul, you have an individual, innovative and quirky style. Because of this, sometimes you feel different to other people or on the outside looking in. Bravo! Never forget to celebrate that difference! You are a breath of […]

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The Capricorn Personality

Capricorn   23 December – 21 January A dry sense of humour holds together what you are at heart which is serious, realistic and self-reliant. While other parts of your nature will speak of different characteristics, being a Capricorn shouts strength, discipline and resilience. Especially resilience. When the going gets tough, nobody gets tougher! You’re a […]

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The Sagittarian Personality

At heart you are up-beat, cheerful and philosophical. An easy-going soul, you have an imaginative, broad-minded and expansive style and thrive on hope, opportunity and future possibilities. Like your symbol, the archer, you enjoy nothing more than shooting an arrow to see where it might land! It’s why you’re in your element when you’re travelling […]

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The Scorpio Personality

At heart you are deep-feeling and private. Trust is everything so you’re pretty guarded with people until you feel the trust is there. Feeling in control matters big time too. You’re always secure when you have the higher ground. A driven soul, you have an all-or-nothing, intense style and often find yourself craving a little […]

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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Happy Days for Sagittarians! On November 8th this year, Jupiter, Planet of opportunity, expansion, joy and general good fortune moves into Sagittarius for a year’s stay. This is very good news for everyone born between November 23rd and December 22nd. Also for those of you who might have your Ascendant, Moon, Mercury or Venus in […]

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Uranus in Taurus – Momentous Changes

On May 15th this year, something pretty momentous happened. Uranus moved into Taurus. It’s 84 years since Uranus last visited Taurus and like last time, it will stay for 8 years, leaving on April 26th 2026. Uranus is an outer Planet so its influence will be felt globally as well as personally. And on a […]

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Astrology Conference

Fantastic weekend at the Astrological Association’s annual conference! Wonderful speakers and great as always to be with like-minded souls. www.astrologicalassociation.com

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Supermoon. Super sight! At 15:47 GMT today and for the first time in nearly a year, the Moon will look about 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal. This phenomenon happens because the Moon circuits the Earth in an elliptical or oval orbit. So sometimes it’s closer to Earth than at other times. When it’s […]

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Harry and Meghan- A Compatible Couple?

‘The Stars were aligned’ enthused Harry about his first meeting with Meghan Markle. Absolutely they were. But are the stars aligned in their respective Astrological Birth Charts? Are Harry and Meghan a compatible couple? Well, there are several solid astrological connections between their Charts. Harry has the Earth Sign Capricorn Rising in his Chart. The […]

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Venus and Jupiter Conjunction

In the small hours of tomorrow morning, Monday 13th November, two of the brightest planets in the night’s sky will rise as one. Venus and Jupiter will both be visible in the eastern sky about an hour before sunrise, staying low on the horizon. In the UK, Venus will rise at 5.56am, with Jupiter following […]

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